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Tiberius - May 2012 - 16th December 2013

We had to say goodbye to Tiberius today. It's been coming for a while he has never been a very fit rat (he had a lousy chest) and has had a cocktail of medications for a long time but in the end it was the pain his cyst (probably cancerous) was giving him that finally forced the decision. 

Mr.Personality, he won over everyone who met him. He was always at the door to the cage saying hello (by roaring) - even wanting hugs over nom. 

When out on the couch he was quick to try and get whatever we might have - even developing a taste for my cold tea.

He wanted to be beside you - often choosing to sit next to you or on you.

 Often the photos of Tibs were a blur as he tried to eat the camera, or was just two busy to pose. When he did stay still long enough you could see just how handsome he was.

Which rat will enjoy Tom's scritch's now?

or always snooze so he can see what we are up to?

Although we made the right choice it was one of the hardest we have had to make. 
Tiberius was an awesome rat.

Last hugs with Tiberius

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